11 November
I live in a small town outside of Savannah with my five dogs, three cats, one ferret, and a small child that drives me nuts. I'm keeping busy by obsessing about "Thriller" and wondering how to get "Kirk Climbs the Mountain" and "Code Monkey" out of my head! I also spend waaay too much time on FaceBook.

I study British history pre-1603, the paranormal, and play World of Warcrack. I love walking through old cemeteries and checking out the symbols on the markers. I also geek out to Dr. Horrible and dream of the night when I get to get drunk with Nathan Fillion. No sex, just want to drink pie and giggle with him. I mean, I won't turn it down since I have permission...well, we won't go there.

I'm the nerd in the Captain Hammer costume (female version) dancing on stage before Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog show at DragonCon 2009.