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Jewelry been on hold

So the jewelry making updates and pics have been on hold as I practice techniques. I've finally gotten good enough to order read beads and some expensive sterling silver wire. I'm going to make a couple of "Firefly" inspired pieces for those that might be cosplaying Inara, and then I'm going to move onto working on soldering and reworking found items into jewelry. I have made an etsy store called NalaSerenity (Nala being one of my dogs and her name means "success" and Serenity...well, that's easy to figure out). I also have a light box on the way for pictures.

I'll keep LJ posted as much as I can (translated: when I remember), but most of my stuff will be on FB. I truly suck at blogging. :)

Practice, practice, practice!

I've been doing some wire work, and I've finally taken some pics of the progress I've made.

Here's some pieces I made a long time ago:

Some earrings I slapped together. My neighbor said she'd wear 'em. :)

Another practice piece, as well a the first of this style, and I really like the potential:

A bracelet made like the first practice style, and it's still being refined. Thank goodness for buckets of random glass beads. Hurray!

And lastly a necklace/choker in the style I'm practicing. I like it, but still needs some fiddling. I made the clasp, too. As I work I find I need more tools to get the look I want. I'm going to use a macreme board, as my neighbor suggested, to get the spacing on the bead strings more to my liking (or I'll make one with a wooden board and nails!). I'm thinking the necklace needs...something. I'll play around with it some more when this damn headache goes away.


Jewelry designer -- Here I go!

I have been trying to come up with some way to be creative. I just need that outlet. The problem with that is I'm not very good at what interested me. I can't sew or draw, so creating costumes or designing wedding gowns is a no (and I'm addicted to wedding gowns). I have zero talent in decorating, and zero interest in doing it. I can't paint, I can't draw, and I'm not fond of cooking.

But I do enjoy making jewelry.

I used to make hemp bracelets back in my youth as a hippie, so I've been practicing that more. Then I found it hard to find the beads I really wanted, so I've decided to learn how to make polymer beads. I've also been interested in silver wire jewelry, so I've been working on that as well.

I'm diving in and doing it!

I figure I can sell some of the hemp and homemade bracelets/anklets and necklaces locally at the little town festivals, and eventually, as I get better, sell them on Etsy. That's where I also plan to sell the wire jewelry. I'd also like to do jewelry for those that do cosplay and Steampunk. I look very, very carefully at the necklaces worn in movies and TV shows now. I'm especially fond of "Firefly" at the moment.

So now the practice begin, and I'm going to blog my progress so I can see how I'm doing, and hopefully drum up interest if anyone else wants to read this. Wish me luck!

Ok, fine!

The lack of extensive posting on FaceBook (yes, I'm an addict...but I do NOT use Twitter.  I have some standards) has me in withdrawal for babbling.  Not that my rants are ever read, but they are an excellent release for my high-strung brain.  So I'm gonna figure this whole Live Journal thingee out, do some writing, and get these thoughts out of my head.

So!  Post DragonCon news.  Well, I think the majority of people that might stumble across this knows about the whole Guinness World Record fiasco.  If not, then here is your chance to learn about it!  It seems that GWR will change their own rules in the middle of the game.  Back on August 29, 2009, mucho Mexicans gathered at some-square-with-a-really-long-name-that-I-don't-feel-like-looking-up.  They wanted to honor Michael Jackson's birthday after he died of a drug overdose in June. 

Why they never wanted to honor him before is a mystery, but I don't claim to be a mind reader.

Anyway, some impersonator gathered a huge group of 13,000 or so to dance to MJ's iconic song "Thriller".  If you've been living under a rock for the last 25 years, it's got a nifty dance MJ and his dancers do as zombies.  Lots of booty bouncing, shuffle ha-ing, and zombie walking.  They learned the 2:40 second dance, the impersonator performed, and they danced.  Hurray!  Pretty nifty, I think, unless they were trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records (previously and from now on known as "GWR").

Guinness' guidelines for said record are pretty clear.  Back on April 16, 2009, Kevin Dua and 241 of his closest friends gathered on a lawn at William and Mary College to dance to "Thriller".  All of them danced the zombie moves for 5:58 minutes.  Huh.  Well, now, that's confusing because the true dance only lasts around 2:40 minutes, right, so why would they dance for almost six minutes?  Because GWR told them so!  The guidelines that were established by Guinness themselves state that the US version of the single must be used (from the original album released in 1982), all dancers must know the original dance steps from the video, AND they must dance the whole song from beginning to end.  Boom, done, Kevin and friends get the record for 242 dancers.  Yay!  They had broken a record set by Ines Markelle when 62 people gathered in Toronto in 2006.  She has since organized Thrill the World (www.thrilltheworld.com) to set an even bigger record this October 24th.

We now have two groups that have followed Guinness' guidelines as stated previously and set world records.  Dang, Mexico must have rocked it!  Woot! Sorry?  What?  They didn't dance for almost  six minutes?  The impersonator performed...ok, now I'm confused.

Yes, Mexico rocked the square with "Thriller".  Yes, they did dance the zombie dance.  But, and this is a huge BUT, they used the video version of the song, the impersonator performed for the first part, then when MJ's character turns into a zombie and dances with his brethren for 2:40 minutes, the rest of Mexico started dancing.  Now we have a new world record of 13,567 people dancing to "Thriller" as per GWR's guidelines...no, that's still wrong.

Am I missing something?  How did Mexico get the Guinness World Record for largest group of simultaneous "Thriller" dancers in one location (that's the official name of the record) if they didn't fulfill the guidelines?  That's the mystery.  I've asked GWR myself that very question, but have yet to hear from them.  As organizer for the September 6, 2009 DragonCon attempt (which, btw, was planned BEFORE the untimely death, so we are not poseurs and I'm gonna be honest that it wasn't a tribute but a grab for the record.  Hello?  Planned before he died, so yea, not intended as a tribute...in the beginning, but we turned it into a D*C tribute in our weird way), I would like to know the answer to this question, as would the 902 people that danced with me.

I wonder if I'll get an answer to my inquiry before Friday at 5:00 pm Eastern time?  Might be an interesting weekend if I don't and the nerds are released.


Going for a world record!

I have totally lost my mind!

Back in May, I read in the news that William and Mary students broke the world record for the number of "Thriller" dancers (no, the prisoners don't count...everyone has to be doing the same moves in the same room for the official record).  The broke the previous record of 62 people made in Toronto with 242 students zombie dancing.


I watched that and thought, "Cool!  Wow, that would be nifty to do at DragonCon this year," and glancing over at my husband asked, "Wouldn't it be cool, dear?"  Since he was busy playing Star Wars:  Knights of the Old Republic, he grunted in agreement.  That's typical in our house, though, since we're all gamers.  If it's not me yelling to give me a sec to hover on my mount (Blood Elf Hunter in WoW...For the Horde!) or my ten-year-old son whining someone didn't do the proper attack in Spore...but I've gone off track.

Anyway, the next morning I call the offices of D*C to ask who I should email, and after getting a name sent off a letter.  I also researched how to turn in the record to Guinness World Records, and went ahead to sign up for the attempt.  Costs nothing to get the info out.  A couple of months later, I meet a very energetic young lady that goes to D*C and wants to help.  Up goes a website, DragonCon people approve, and we're off and running.

What have I done?!

I sweat every time I think of this.  I don't openly lead anything.  I quietly whisper dissent and revolution, then fade into the background to watch what happens.  And here I am, a middle-aged nerd who spends her days telling a ten-year-old to do his homework or talking to dogs about the interesting headline on FARK, about to embark on breaking a world record at a convention that brings in over 35,000 people.

Holy shit.

Either this will be epic or a total failure.  If nothing else, maybe I'll get free alcohol during con.  Now if I could just get the earworm of "Thriller" out of my head, I might be able to go insane until this is over.



Ugh.  I'm allowing myself to get all worked up and upset about going to D*C.  I must stop being such a baby, get over the fact that I'm not 21 any longer, and allow myself to have fun.

I ordered my Horde cheerleader outfit today.  I need to find some tusks and body paint.  Yikes!

I feel like crap today.  Sinuses working over-time, I guess, plus doc called and said I have bronchitis.  Jeez, wonder how long I've had that?  I've been coughing and feeling lousy for months.  So I have some medicine to take, and hopefully it'll make me feel perkier.
If you started a restaurant, what would it serve, what would it look like and what would you name it? You have an unlimited budget.
I would make it all cozy, some parts looking like Grandma's kitchen, other parts looking like a cozy family room.  I'd serve good, Southern comfort food like homemade mac n cheese, meatloaf, mashed taters, fried catfish...all the good stuff.  Nothing fancy.  I'd serve it family style so people could get to know their neighbors.

More costume whining

My first attempt at the bodice for the Nene Thomas costume didn't work, so I headed off to David's Bridal to get a bodice bra to try on that.  If it works, I just hope I have someone to dress me when I wear it!  The wings are going to be a little hard to do just right, but I should have enough time to experiment with them.  If I can't get the costume the way I want it, I'll have to try for an easier fairy to do.

I need to also hunt up some of my Birdgirl stuff.  I'm still stumped as to what I should do about her helmet, but I might try paper mache first and see if I can get the right look.  I also need to hunt up the proper wing material for that, too.  Luckily the other accessories she has are easy to come by. :)

I'd love to do a general HP auror costume, and not a specifically Tonks one, but I'm lost on what an auror would look like.  I'd like the HP folk to see me and say, "Ah, love the auror you got going!" without me wearing a big sign that reads AUROR.

A few more days and I'll get non-stop me time to work on losing fat and making costumes.  Woot!!


My first post!!

So, here I go!

I'd like to turn this blog into something more than me just whining about remodeling the house and landscaping the yard, so I plan on carrying my camera with me and taking pics of the horrid outfits I see when out and about, funny-looking cars, houses, and the tourists that scurry around Savannah.  I'll also be doing cemetery pictorials, discussing HP books and movies, and talking about upcoming DragonCon '08.

I hope to get to know many people from here as MySpace has gotten old.